Welcome to Nottdance 2015. Nottingham’s own biennial international dance and performance festival that continues to platform artists exploring new territories in dance and choreography.

This festival shines a light on the importance of our place, our history, our bodies and our own dancing. So much of what excites me and the Dance4 team is seeing work from artists that makes you feel connected to your memories and your body and prompts you to think ‘what is dance?’ and ‘who is dancing?’

Launching this festival we see the return of a Nottdance favourite, Rosemary Butcher, known to many across the world as a leading choreographic voice in the UK since the 1970’s. I’ve been working closely with Rosemary to curate past and current works in the festival that begin a long-term relationship between Rosemary, Dance4 and Nottingham.

In preparing for this festival we’ve continued to find new choreographic voices in the UK and we’re thrilled that this festival celebrates some wonderful work from UK artists alongside their international peers from Belgium, Canada, Germany and elsewhere. We’ve also sought to increase the presence of established and younger female makers in this festival honouring the richness of their voice in 21st century dance making.

At Dance4 we feel that this festival is Nottingham through and through. It’s hard to imagine Nottdance being able to happen anywhere else. You’ll find the festival in our world-class venues, our wonderful public spaces and in the hidden nooks and crannies of our historic city. Nottingham is known throughout the world for its world-class institutions and its radical past, but for many it is known for being a UK city at the forefront of creating and presenting new artistic perspectives.

So whether you’re a Nottdance junky or haven’t been to the festival before, join us for drinks at the Malt Cross our festival bar, and come and see some extraordinary work from some truly exciting artists.

Let’s make Nottdance 2015 a festival to remember.

Paul Russ

Artistic Director

Nottdance / Dance4

Nottdance 2015 includes works by :

Chris Dugrenier (FR)

Ella Hurman (UK)

Evangelia Kolyra (UK)

Florence Peake (UK)

Gabi Reuter (UK/DE)

George Stamos (CA)

Hetain Patel (UK)

Jack Webb (UK)

Jane Manson (UK)

Katherine Hall (UK) & Sian Rosier (UK)

Katie Ward (CA)

Lucy Suggate (UK)

Marie Fitzpatrick (UK)

Neil Callaghan (UK) & Simone Kenyon (UK)

Nicole Beutler (DE)

Rob Clark (UK)

Rosemary Butcher (UK)

Sally and Marie (UK)

Scottish Dance Theatre (UK)

Sian Rosier (UK)

Sioned Huws (UK)

Ultima Vez (BE)

Verity Standen (UK)

Wendy Houston (UK)

      Home Page Image : Robert Clark – The Happiness Treatments. Photo Credit- Ludovic Des Cognets

About Page Image : Florence Peake – Lay Me Down. Photo Credit – Amaara Raheem